Bureaucracy Today – Vision & Mission

The mission of Bureaucracy Today and www.bureaucracytoday.com is to provide critical perspectives on news and events across the wide spectrum of India's administrative machinery. Under the aegis of Suhaib A Ilyasi, the pioneer behind India's crime reality India's Most Wanted, our zealous group of reporters explore the nooks and crannies of the civil services domain to break news and add fresh appeal to stories. The result is an exclusive package of news, features, interviews, summaries and talkathons that stir popular opinions and enhance the knowledge pool for researchers in India and abroad. We also aim at zooming in on the nameless faces who contribute silently to India's governance. Going forward, we strive to see the magazine develop into an impeccable news channel that bridges the gap betweeen news and research.

The road that we tread upon is fraught with hurdles, given the red-tapism that pervades India's bureaucracy, but then, it is these challenges that helped us come up with award-winning programmes like India's Most Wanted on India TV, Andha Qanoon on Zee, Fugitive on DD1 and others. Our next odyssey towards victory has only begun.

Suhaib Ilyasi